Analysing Power Meter Data – (Becoming a Power House – part 3)

Analysing Power Meter Data Part 3 website

A large proportion of athletes with power meters view their unit like a random number generator… the numbers tick over but that’s as far as the analysis goes. By the end of this article I am hoping that you will have gained an understanding of the power of power.

Become a Power House – Part 2

Becoming a Power House Part 2 website

There are numerous power meter options these days but what features will you need to consider when purchasing one? Here are the top picks for 2016. We look at power meter terminology, viewing your data, identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Become a Power House – part 1

Becoming a Power House part 1 website

Training with a power meter may seem difficult; too complicated and expensive. It is however, a proven way to make the most of what you have got. In this three-part series weexplain the basics of power training, which type of meter will suit your needs, and how to develop a system of use for best results.

Cube AMS Super HPC Race Review

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Cube AMS Super HPC Race     In a word wow, before I go into the finer details of the new Cube I will give you a little background of my riding style and level so that the report will enable you to make a better comparison of how it will suit you. I am […]

The all New S-Works Epic

The all new S works

Well here it is the all new 2009 S-Works Epic. It really is the best bike I have ever ridden. I loved the old Epic and I raced one since 2003/4 season they rocked, but, this new rig is simply better all round. To start with at 9.8kg’s it is a very light full suss […]