Be Fitter, Faster and Stronger on your next ride with FTP Training’s exclusive Club membership – training programs, resources, & community.


At FTP training, we live and breathe cycling. No, we FROTH cycling. And we are dedicated to the goal of helping cyclists constantly improve enabling greater enjoyment and satisfaction out on the bike.

That’s why we have developed the FTP Training Club. To help you take your passion to a whole new level by being fitter, faster and stronger thanks to our HUB, training plans, expert advice, and exclusive resources included in the membership. Get ready to elevate your cycling.



Avoid meandering along the winding road to average performance. Pick the most optimal training plan for your race from a growing list of available training programs written for iconic events and races around the world. Stick to the plan with the help of highly-skilled FTP Training coaches and be in Optimus Prime condition come event day.

Some of the training programs that are available:

MTB Base Builder

6 Week Program

Road Base Builder

6 Week Program

Gran Fondo Training Plan

12 Week Program

Port to Port Training Plan

12 Week Program

Cape to Cape Training Plan

12 Week Program

Reef to Reef Training Program

12 Week Program

L'Étape Australia Training Program

12 Week Program

3 Dams Challenge

12 Week Program

Tour of Margaret River Training Program

12 Week Program

Strength & Conditioning Plan

12 Week Program


Cycling is so much more than riding a bike. With exclusive FTP Training Club resources, improve
every aspect of your biking skills: learn tactics and preparation from the best cycling coaches,
gain insight into conditioning and injury recovery, and prepare yourself with advice from
experts in strength, sports psychology and sports nutrition.


Always a mile ahead

FTP Training Club members get access to hundreds of different resources to help them improve and develop a better understanding of each area of cycling. Learn from insightful custom content and curated information from the industry. Watch videos from leading experts on both on and off-road cycling, stretching, strength and conditioning, and more.

Engage directly with top-notch athletes and our own FTP Training coaches through the Cycling Frother Facebook group – “Ride Train Race“.

  • Access to the FTP Training Hub with instructional videos, articles, webinars, and podcasts
  • Access to the FTP Training Plans which cover all disciplines and specific events. Delivered with associated media right via the HUB, every week
  • Access to the closed Facebook group with weekly topics and discussions about anything related to cycling, monitored by all FTP Training coaches and top FTP Training athletes who can answer questions and help with your training
  • Access to the monthly Facebook LIVE where coaches and alumni riders will discuss set topics relating to all things cycling
  • Special discount on FTP Training services and FTP Training merchandise
  • Special discounts on cycling services and equipment from many of our trade partners
  • Access to instructional media that helps you understand and get the best from tools like Today’s Plan and analyse your result data like a professional coach


At FTP Training we are driven by the desire to help cyclists become fitter, faster and stronger.
For more than 10 years we have helped thousands of riders and are regarded as the number one coaching consultancy in Australia. But we’re not stopping there. Our journey is just about to get ten times as amazing with the FTP Training Club.
Are you ready to join hundreds of cycling frothers and take the next step on your adventure?

"The last time I followed an FTP program in 2010 I had my best results I’ve ever had. After a long layoff I set myself the goal of getting back into racing by doing the Port to Port. Although my race fitness was a long way off my best I felt the 12-week program was really effective to restore some of my old fitness. Like a lot of us, I’m time poor and the FTP program was a very efficient way to build the best fitness possible in the shortest time."

- David Bourke

"I really loved this training program it really made me get quicker and work harder. And to be honest I didn’t even realise till I raced that I was getting quicker. Thanks guys I would highly recommend and use you guys again"

- Bradley Jackson

"The P2P FTP training program was the perfect program for the weekend warrior to hit some early training targets and keep motivated in a regular training pattern in preparation for the event. Highly recommended."

- Clare Lorenzen

"Fantastic enthusiasm from FTP. Enabled me to approach my objectives with clarity and confidence."

- Kerry Bassett

Join the FTP Training Club and elevate your cycling adventure today.

30-day money-back guarantee. Cancel at any time. 



How many hours do I have to train?

We’re firm believers of training smarter, not just harder. It all depends on what you want to get out of your cycling – but we recommend at least 5-6hrs a week to see some measurable progress. Most of the training programs come with an option of 6, 9, or 12 hours of availability you can pick from.

How does the membership work?
  1. After purchasing, you’ll get login details to the FTP Training HUB + an invite to the FTP Training Facebook Group - Ride Train Race.
  2. Login to the HUB to view all the extra resources we’ve recorded & documented with leading experts in the industry.
  3. You can enrol in any training program you wish – whether Event based programs, or General training programs. Event based plans are designed to start exactly 12 weeks from the event.
  4. Each week of a training program you’ll receive the next weeks training program & extra content tailored for that weeks’ training.
  5. You can cancel at any time.

We can accept: MasterCard, VisaCard, and PayPal. Payments are charged automatically each month. You can cancel at any time.

Payment options

What gear do I need?

We suggest at a minimum – a heart rate monitor & a cycling head unit.

We prefer using a power meter over a heart rate monitor – but both can work.

Is there a minimum membership length requirement?

No, you can cancel at any time. This can be done from within your account in the HUB.

Upgrade to 1:1 coaching?

If you purchase the yearly CLUB membership option, you can use $200 as credit towards a 1:1 coaching package while your membership remains active.

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