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Mark Fenner [Fenz]

- Head Coach -

Our simple philosophy with FTP Training is to transform your cycling performance leaving no stone unturned and no avenue untravelled to unlock your ultimate performance.

I’ve been involved with cycling since I was 10 years old. My passion for cycling has led me to race both road and mountain bikes in England and Europe, which led me into learning more around the science behind the sport. I love helping others achieve their absolute best – I’ve lectured Sports and Exercise Science, Anatomy and Physiology in England, been an outdoor educator and motivator at The Scots College and have received several qualifications from degrees to certificates.

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Fenz Rider Testimonials

Steele Von Hoff

A world class athlete and great guy talks about his journey with FTP Training and being trained by Fenz (Mark Fenner)

Jack Haig

The achievements and success of Jack Haig is extremely impressive. Listen to what he’s done & his training with Fenz (Mark Fenner).


IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness Team Owner, Andrew shares his thoughts on FTP Training & Fenz’s (Mark Fenner) involvement in this highly successful road team.


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Establishing an off season used to be quite easy when I lived in the UK as the natural seasons of the year could be used to determine the all-important time off and the subsequent start of next seasons training. With so many events and races all over the country and world these days structuring a season’s training can be increasingly difficult.

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