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12 Week Training Program - L’Étape Australia

Partnership with Tour de Cure

We’re very excited to partner with Tour de Cure for LEtape 2016. So many of us have a story about cancer. Our partnership with Tour de Cure has a special place for us. Tour de Cure is the official charity partner for the L’Etape Australia 2016 ride. If you’re planning to do the ride (or even if you’re not), check out the various options you can choose to support this charity. We’ll be offering our bronze level package (an included 12 week program along with webinars & heaps of extra tips & tricks for riding a road race) for all those that signup with Tour de Cure.

Simply click here and sign up with TDC Club LEtape or TDC Corporate Team Challenge to receive your unique code to get your own training program, HUB access & much more INCLUDED in your Tour de Cure signup.


What does it take to ride the LEtape de Tour? How fit do you need to be and what skills will you need to have to climb the massive mountains, handle the fast descents and ride in a big bunch? The FTP Training LEtape training plans and packages are not just regular plans to follow, they have been developed using the training methodologies that have helped athletes from club riders to World Tour achieve their personal bests all over the World. Each program has been developed specifically for the LEtape and comes with all the vital knowledge and skills advice each rider will need to complete the event in weekly content videos and downloadable information packs. If you really want to line up and be the very best you can be then sign up and get started on the journey to becoming fitter, faster and stronger than you ever thought possible.


  • Results
  • Guaranteed Increase in performance
  • Structured training process to follow
  • Simple process & structure for you to follow
  • Coaching from leading Road Cycling coaches
  • 12 week Training Program – tailored to your availability (6, 9, 12 hours) and the demands of the L’Étape Australia Race
  • Each week of training, you’ll receive further tips, checklists, and advice on all things that’ll improve your L’Étape Australia experience – all material made specifically for this event
  • Videos & weekly motivation from Head Frother, Mark Fenner & other experts
  • Leading up to the event you’ll also receive further advice on nailing your L’Étape Australia race or ride


This training program is available to you as part of the FTP Training CLUB. By simply getting the CLUB membership, you’ll be able to enrol in this training program & start your training along with accessing all the additional content in our HUB & as prescribed to each week of training.

About L’Étape Australia

L’Étape Australia will provide the closest experience an amateur rider can get to competing in the Tour de France with fully closed roads in the mountainous landscape of the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales.

L’Étape Australia will provide a new dimension to the Australian cycle calendar; replicating L’Étape du Tour in format, look and feel and proving a weekend in which riders and supporters can immerse themselves in the heady atmosphere of the Tour de France.

The two routes (the Race and the Ride) ensure L’Étape Australia will satisfy both the most competitive rider and the rider who wishes to participate, albeit competitively and over a challenging route, but not necessarily to push relentlessly for the Yellow jersey.

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Get Access to the Training Program

The LeTape Training Program is included as part of the FTP Training CLUB membership.

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If you’re interested in a fully customised training program with higher level of coach interactions + data/training review, consider our 1:1 coaching packages.

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