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Team Coaching

The development of Team Training and High Performance team management is a part of what makes FTP Training remain at the forefront of coaching science and technology. Working as the High Performance Director for the IsoWhey Swiss Wellness team and Motion MTB Team (Torq MTB) two of the best cycling teams on and off-road in Australia has helped develop strategies and systems that help create champions. These methods and structures are now being used with multiple teams in Australia to develop riders and help provide a pathway for riders to move up the ranks and potentially into becoming professional athletes. With our highly skilled and highly qualified associate coaches there are many options available to help teams to structure and develop their riders. Get in touch to see how FTP Training could help your team become AWESOME.

Who does it suit?

  • Teams wanting to create and implement organizational structures to develop the team
  • Teams targeting help and direction from the team that provides High Performance support to AvanitIsoWhey and TORQ/Merida Racing
  • Teams who want a proven structure & process that gets results for their sponsors and fosters an environment of success and high achievement
  • Teams who cannot afford the time or finances to walk down too many dark alleys looking for success
  • Teams who want a the best coaching group in Australia in their corner 
  • Teams who want to push the limits of their capabilities

What You Get

FTP Training seeks to optimise your performance through constructing an effective training program designed for you to get the most out of each session. Here’s how…

Rider Analysis

Rider Analysis

With powerful analysis software, FTP Training coaches can track performance gains, load, and training stress to prevent overreaching and burnout. Help with determining rider’s strengths for initial yearly team selection and to aid rider selection for races.

Athlete Management

The implementation, delivery and management of the day to day training and coaching of team riders, along with the analysis and reporting of performance data to team management through the Training Peaks platform. Helping management make sure that the riders turning up at races are fit and in the condition to perform.

Athlete Management


We are committed to you. Our coaching staff are trained to go above and beyond national training standards to meet the specific requirements of FTP Training. They are technologically proficient, have a long and successful relationship with bikes and are connected with some of the best bike teams in Australia. Our coaches are dedicated to helping you succeed in any way possible, drawing on the huge pool of knowledge and experience between them to deliver the best coaching experience for you.

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Success Stories

Team Coaches

Mark Fenner (Fenz)

Mark Fenner

Head Coach

Damian Mason

Damian Mason

Senior Coach