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Coaching For Triathlons & Duathlons:

At FTP Training we have been coaching athletes to reach their potential across multiple disciplines for many years. We have studied many power and heart rate files from many different events and we know that each discipline in Triathlon requires certain specific workouts and efforts. The Triathlon/Duathlon plans offer the very best in modern training philosophy to get you into the best condition possible to achieve your goals and swin/ride/run faster than you ever thought possible. These training methods can be used for those entering in to triathlon for their first race, to age groupers, to world champions alike. You only need to look at the results FTP Training athletes achieve to know that if you want the very best for yourself and you want to really know how good you can be then there is simply nobody better than FTP Training to help you get there.

Who does it suit?

  • Athletes wanting to dominate their age group
  • Athletes targeting reduced Bike splits, faster transitions, better running and swim times
  • Athletes who want a proven structure & process
  • Time-poor Athletes who want the ‘best bang-for-buck’ from your limited time training Athletes who want a ‘coach in their corner’
  •  Athletes who want to push the limits of their capabilities
  • Elite athletes wanting to podium at National races or make it into the pro ranks

What You Get

FTP Training seeks to optimise your performance through constructing an effective training program designed for you to get the most out of each session. Here’s how…


FTP Coaches will also from time to time conduct a Power Profile Tests. These tests help to determine strengths and weaknesses across the athletes Critical Power range and guide future training.

Bike – Functional Threshold testing.

Run – Threshold heart rate and threshold pace testing. For those that run with power (e.g. Styrd footpod) run power threshold testing.

Swim – Critical Swim speed testing.


Daily Training Program

Each day you will be sent a detailed workout description to follow on the road or trainer. Results and analysis of the workouts are tracked via the Training Peaks platform and subject to the program level reported back to the athlete.

Expert Coaching Staff

We are committed to you. Our coaching staff are trained to go above and beyond national training standards to meet the specific requirements of FTP Training. They are technologically proficient, have a long and successful relationship with bikes and are connected with some of the best bike teams in Australia. Our coaches are dedicated to helping you succeed in any way possible, drawing on the huge pool of knowledge and experience between them to deliver the best coaching experience for you.


Personal Consultation

Our coaches can offer a range of advice, ranging from detailed data analysis to enable fine tuning of training schedules and fitness tracking to simple things like what to do on a rainy day.

1:1 Coaching Packages


Daily Training Plan +
Power Profile Test +
Threshold/Power Profile Zones
Training Peaks Analytics Account +
Access to the HUB +
Training Plan Changes Quarterly +
Coaching Calls Monthly +
Coach Qns Monthly +
Data Review & Feedback Monthly +
Dietary Advice
Strength & Conditioning Plan


Daily Training Plan +
Power Profile Test+
Threshold/Power Profile Zones
Access to the HUB+
Training Plan Changes Quarterly +
Coaching Calls Monthly +
Coach Qns Monthly+
Data Review & Feedback Monthly
Dietary Advice
Strength & Conditioning Plan


Daily Training Plan +
Power Profile Test+
Threshold/Power Profile Zones
Training Peaks Analytics Account +
Access to the HUB +
Training Plan Changes Weekly +
Coaching Calls Weekly +
Coach Qns Weekly +
Data Review & Feedback Weekly +
Dietary Advice
Strength & Conditioning Plan

NOTE: All prices are in Australian Dollars. Training programs will take up to 2 weeks to develop after the initial questionnaire is returned and the initial consultation has taken place

Training programs come with a 3 month minimum commitment (paid monthly). Programs go month to month following the first 3 month commitment.

Not Sure Which Program?

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference is coach interaction & added features. The higher the level the more coach contact hours you have per month. Higher levels also come with added features like data reviews.

Our most popular training program is the silver program – it gives a massive amount of value + heaps of coaching contact for cycling #frothers.

We offer coaching across disciplines. E.g. Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Enduro, etc. so Simply purchase the a 1:1 training program in the discipline that you ride in most, & let your assigned coach know & we can target both type of riding styles.

We’re firm believers of training smarter, not just harder. It all depends on what you want to get out of your cycling – but we recommend at least 5-6hrs a week to see some measurable progress.

Yes, you can upgrade at any time if you require more interaction with your coach, and you can move down after your first 3-month commitment.

All programs are custom made per rider based on your questionnaire responses. Depending on what level you purchase determines how much ongoing customisations are made, but they’re 100% made for you.

At a minimum – a heart rate monitor & a cycling head unit.

We prefer using a power meter over a heart rate monitor – but both can work.

We can accept: MasterCard and VisaCard. Payments are charged automatically each month. A subscription for a minimum of 3 months is required. You can cancel any time after 3 months.

Payment options

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