Our biggest challenge isn’t someone else. Its the ache in your lungs, the burning in your legs and the voice in your head that yells ‘can’t’. But you don’t listen, you push harder and then you hear that voice whisper ‘CAN’ and you discover the person you thought you were is no match for the person you really are.

I have been involved in sports from an early age – from national junior level squash and competitive windsurfing to a 20 year passion for all things cycling. I have competed in Ironman triathlon, numerous multi day mountain bike stage races, TTs and cyclocross. Having a degree in Statistics I also have a passion for numbers and analysing the data that can be collected on an athlete to enable them to train smarter and reach new levels of performance.
I coach because I love cycling, I love helping people accomplish their goals and I love being part of the FTP team, using the most up to date training methodologies to enable athletes achieve the best they can possibly be.
I am also a certified Personal Trainer in Perth, it is great to use strength and conditioning protocols off the bike to help cyclists become stronger and faster on the bike.!


Michael Warr

I have always set my own training plan for an event. The results have always been mixed because of my knowledge and only being accountable to myself. I knew this had to change for my next adventure. With FTP and Sarah coaching me I know I have a totally tailored plan that can be changed in an instant due to health and life commitments. Read More..

Dave Niven

Hi Sarah, Just thought I’d give you the run down on how it went yesterday. In short, had a great time and felt well prepared. Finished in pos 234 out of 1008 and was very happy with that. Read More..

Elizabeth Nathan

“I really enjoyed Sarah’s training program for my 110km Gran Fondo event in the Clare Valley, South Australia this year. Read More..


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