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Our Philosophy

We want to develop riders that feel the same froth, joy, the love, and the passion for cycling that we do.

What is ‘Froth’, ‘Frothing’, a ‘Frother’?


Excessive excitement, typically about a thing you love doing


  1. “Mate I am fully Frothing after smashing that climb and killing my previous best Strava”
  2. “Mate that awesome single track was so much fun I was Frothing when I railed those berms”


Ecstatic, excited, overjoyed

Our Principles


Principles in Coaching

It’s all about the Froth.

There are many additional benefits to cycling, the energy, productivity and well being that comes from being fit and healthy are just some. Whilst this is great, the real reason we do it is so much more – the generation of Froth. The Froth we generate on the bike penetrates our entire lives and makes life worth living – on the bike and off it.

You never Froth alone.

It’s up to you to push the pedals but you’re never alone on or off the bike. Whilst great programs are a good start, we know it’s having the right coach that makes the real difference. Your FTP Training coach doesn’t just write your program, they are with you in every aspect of life to help ensure your training helps support the life you want. Whether it’s world titles or just weekend bragging rights, being the most awesome version of you takes the support of the right partner.

20% Physical, 80% Mental.

Whilst the power through the pedals is the most obvious part of the result, we know it’s everything that comes before this that ultimately drives the result. When we say our programs are comprehensive, we mean it. Every aspect of life that affects performance is covered, from nutrition to strength, conditioning and flexibility to mental preparation for training and racing. Whether you race for a living or purely ride to be the most awesome you, we makes sure your results are the best possible.

Principles in Strategy

Believe & Achieve.

We strive to create a Believe and Achieve environment where dreams become reality through hard work, dedication and the best in coaching support in the business. We want to develop riders that feel the same froth, joy, the love and the passion for cycling that we do.

Our coaching methods creates process driven athletes looking to be the very best they can be in a measured and calculated way. Improvements are quantified to help motivate and track progress throughout the journey.

For us as coaches it’s about developing a relationship with our athletes, sharing in the success and also understanding and learning from the mistakes is what motivates us. Every FTP Training coach has walked the walk, started from the beginning as riders and forged their paths to success in every facet of the sport. This understanding of the journey helps our coaches to be the very best they can be for you the athlete.

Principles in Tactics

Process Driven.

In this modern age cycling has become a sport where improvements can be measure and incremental gains quantified. Hardware such as Power Meters allow specific targeting of energy systems to gain the very best from each workout, no wasted time on the road or trainer. Analytics software allows us to track changes, measure success and understand mistakes. They allow communication like never before to allow athlete and coach to keep in touch and refine the training process.

These tools allow us to focus on developing a process driven athlete who can measure and see success throughout their journey. Improvements that can be quantified and seen in the data installs the belief and drives motivation.

FTP Training coaches are experts in data analysis and psychology, they understand what it takes both physically and mentally, through the ups and the downs. They are there to guide and support, instruct and educate.

Our Team

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