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Training for Bike Packing

Bike packing has become a mainstream discipline of cycling in recent years, it has also become a new entry point for people joining the sport of cycling. Not a huge amount of gear is required and for most beginners strapping a bag to your road bike can be all you need for your first bike packing trip.

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Back in the saddle

It’s been a year or so since your last ride, a few more years since regular training and it feels like a lifetime since you were at your peak. Your bike kit no longer fits and a few too many extra bulges are visible around the waist line. You finally decide now is the time to get back in the saddle. Is it that simple?

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Ride Train Race – Facebook Group

This new FB Group, Ride Train Race, is to help develop the Cycling Frothers community, we have a lot of cool ideas to bring to this group & we really want to share the froth, share the content we have, and to also answer some questions so we can all collectively learn.

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New Podcast Episode – The Guswagon & The Frother Show

After finishing up with Rapha FTP Training coach Angus “Buzzer” Burrell decided to take some time out and start an epic journey cycling through some of the more remote areas of the World. Coach Fenz was lucky enough to catch up with Angus when he visited his home in central France and sit down to discuss the trip and experiences so far.

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2019 Cycling Goals Worksheet

1 Month down into 2019! How are you going with your New Years resolutions? This year is already full steam ahead & like many, you might be wondering where January went?! We’ve got something here that can help…

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The sky is almost the limit in terms of the number of exercises you can do with resistance bands. They can provide resistance in any plane of movement, and can be attached to different height fixing points to get different angles of movement. Bands do behave differently to free weights, so care must be taken to control the movement when returning from the band’s stretched position.

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Ride to Eat – Race Nutrition Simplified

As a coach, one of the most common questions I get from my athletes is ‘what should I be eating on race day?’ – or something along those lines. What to eat, when to eat, how much to eat? With a plethora of information out there it is quite easy to become overwhelmed with what ‘protocol’ to follow; high carb? low carb? What even is high carb? Carb loading = more equals better right? But then why am I suffering GI upset come race day?

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Steele von Hoff wins Gold!

Well what an incredible haul of Aussie medals there was at the Commonwealth games this year. One of the last Gold medals was won by Steele Von Hoff in the men’s Road Race.

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Train That Junk In Your Trunk

The glutes are the biggest muscle group in your body, so if you can get them working well, you’ll be a faster rider. Here is Sarah Hunter’s butt building workout.

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At FTP Training we want you to froth! With fully personalised training programs, we’ll help you get fitter, improve your overall cycling performance and get you hitting those PB’s. It’s called the Froth Factor! Backed by cutting edge sports science and the most up-to-date training philosophies, our coaches are willing and able to help you progress. Customising our training plans to fit into your everyday life, we guarantee you’ll improve your Road, MTB, Enduro, Triathlons, or Track cycling. Let’s Froth! Believe & Achieve!