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Steele von Hoff wins Gold!


Steele von Hoff wins Gold!

Well what an incredible haul of Aussie medals there was at the Commonwealth games this year. One of the last Gold medals was won by Steele Von Hoff in the men’s Road Race.

Mark Fenner head coach of FTP Training recounts how he worked with Steele to not only get him to the Games, but, to win the gold medal.


After breaking 6 vertebra 7 weeks before the event it was a huge result to even be at the games. Having worked closely with Steele as his coach for many years we sat down and developed a plan that at first utilised a recumbent bike. Steele was still in a back brace and could not sit up or lean forward at that time. With easy endurance work we managed to retain condition which in turn allowed us to jump into more focused work when Steele was able to.


mtb bike

By the second week post-accident Steele was able to start on the stationary ergo, I structured double workout days increasing load and intensity. By week 3 we were hitting specific intervals on the ergo based around the limiters to performing on the Commonwealth games course. Incredibly by the end of week 3 post-accident Steele was riding outside and we really believed that the Commonwealth games was going to be a reality.


In the end as we all know Steele won the gold medal. It’s hard to put into words what it means to me seeing a moment like this happen to a great human being like Steele. This is why I coach, seeing riders be the very best they can be, overcome adversity and be awesome. Riders of all ability levels, chasing their goals and achieving them is just awesome to see.

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Steele steals it!

🇦🇺 @Steelervh claims road race gold 🥇 in a sprint finish, just seven weeks removed from laying in hospital with four broken vertebrae.

Unreal performance at #GC2018 #ShareTheDream

— 7CommGames (@7CommGames) 14 April 2018

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