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Ride Train Race – Facebook Group


This new FB Group, Ride Train Race, is to help develop the Cycling Frothers community, we have a lot of cool ideas to bring to this group & we really want to share the froth, share the content we have, and to also answer some questions so we can all collectively learn.

New Podcast Episode – The Guswagon & The Frother Show


After finishing up with Rapha FTP Training coach Angus “Buzzer” Burrell decided to take some time out and start an epic journey cycling through some of the more remote areas of the World. Coach Fenz was lucky enough to catch up with Angus when he visited his home in central France and sit down to discuss the trip and experiences so far.

2019 Cycling Goals Worksheet


1 Month down into 2019! How are you going with your New Years resolutions? This year is already full steam ahead & like many, you might be wondering where January went?! We’ve got something here that can help…

Steele von Hoff wins Gold!


Well what an incredible haul of Aussie medals there was at the Commonwealth games this year. One of the last Gold medals was won by Steele Von Hoff in the men’s Road Race.

Sleep for Cyclists

sleep for cyclists web

Sleep for Cyclists – Yes, what about it you say? You love to sleep – you sleep for hours – most of your family and friends think you sleep too much!

So how much sleep do I actually need you might ask? The sleep tracker on my iPhone tells me I get lots of sleep! But what it doesn’t track is the quality of that sleep!