We are super excited to launch the new FTP Training Facebook Group “Ride, Train, Race”. The whole idea is to help develop the Cycling Frothers community, we have a lot of cool ideas to bring to this group & we really want to share the froth, share the content we have, and to also answer some questions so we can all collectively learn.

Aim of the group:

FTP Training has been working with athletes for over 10 years and in that time we have done a lot of 1:1 coaching & worked with a lot of Teams both on the road and MTB. The thing I feel we have missed out on with our coaching is a sense of community between the athletes and coaches of FTP Training. We therefore aim to bring together the collective wisdom of all the FTP Training Coaches, FTP Athletes, and other cycling Frothers who want to grow & develop as cyclists.

Who will be apart of this group:

All Cycling Frothers – We want to develop riders that feel the same froth, joy, love, and passion for cycling that we do – so let us share valuable content & answers in this community.

It’s free to join & be involved, ask questions and interact with other cycling frothers like you.

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