Having coached athletes at every level from club D grade to World Tour, written for most magazines in Australia and many around the world, Fenz (Mark Fenner) himself has competed at world level in cycling and can tailor the speaking engagement to the target audience. Having ridden across America from Canada to Mexico, competed in Europe and around the World, helped athletes win club, state, national and world titles at every age group from world tour 22 year olds to 60+ masters there is no area that is out of reach or comment.

Be entertained as you learn about training, racing, nutrition, power, altitude training or being in the team car in ASIA supporting riders. Speaking engagement weekends can often include a morning ride with Fenz on the road or MTB.

If you are looking for a guest to enlighten and entertain the club or shop group drop us a line to enquire about lining up a speaking engagement with the biggest frother out there; FENZ.

Clubs & Groups

Liven up your club training camp with knowledge and advice to help you ride faster or listen to life on the road with a professional cycling team – Fenz can talk about them all in a light hearted and engfaging manner all you need to do is choose your topics.

Possible topics:

  • Training and racing with power
  • Nutrition and hydration for your next Peaks Challenge
  • Being a High Performance Director for IsoWhey Swiss Wellness team
  • Tales from the team car

Racing Teams

Working as the High Performance Director of both the IsoWhey Swiss Wellness road team and the Torq Nutrition MTB team Fenz knows how to developing the winning edge.

Possible topics:

  • Testing and evaluating team members for team selection and race readiness
  • Life on the road, staying healthy – the pitfalls and common problems
  • Understanding the periodisation of a season – making sure all riders don’t peak at once
  • Tips and tactics on race day to optimise riders performance


With most coaching courses focused on the basic principles of coaching many of the more modern philosophies and techniques are missed. Do you want to know about Power, Altitude, Heat Acclimatisation or Ketonic Diets? Then Fenz can get right into the underpinning knowledge to empower you with a great level of understanding.

Possible topics:

  • Power – how to use it, coach with it and analyse it for optimizing your athlete’s performance
  • Structuring a client’s season, looking at load, ATL, CTL ramp rates and understanding TSB in the periodization of an athlete’s year
  • Analysing and interpreting ride data – using the knowledge to inform and guide training prescription
  • Setting up Today’s Plan and Dashboards for enhanced coaching and client interaction and feedback

Corporate Events

Having raced in Europe and podiumed at World Champs, cycled across continents self-supported, coached some of the Countries best athletes, developed the leading coaching company in Australia and founded the best cycling software in the World Today’s Plan – Fenz has a few things to say about motivation and achieving goals.

Possible topics:

  • The motivation or high performing athletes
  • Goal setting, getting it done one brick at a time
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day – just keep chipping away
  • Success and failure, you cannot have one without the other on the path to the top


“Mark joined our masters training camp for dinner and a ride the next morning. All the riders said Mark’s input and engaging style was a highlight of the camp. We had a great chat over dinner, ranging from the physiological science of performance and training, to stories from the pros and sharing ride anecdotes. The conversation flowed freely and Mark showed a great understanding of the interests of our group of club racers, and ability to explain sophisticated concepts and answer our questions in understandable ways. The next morning he showed us around some of the beautiful local roads and climbs, again sharing generously and with wonderful insight from his experiences in the UK and Australia. Thank you Mark for making our trip to the south coast extra special!”

– Marcus Judge – Waratah Masters Cycling Club (Sydney)

Book a Speaking Engagement

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