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4 ways to nail your recovery rides

4 ways to nail your recovery rides

Over time I have noticed that many riders just don’t ride easy enough on their active recovery rides. Here are 4 ideas to try to help nail that ride and not go too hard:

1. Breath through your nose during the entire ride.

Breathing through your nose will become difficult as exertion levels increase. Therefore restricting your breathing to purely breathing comfortably through your nose should restrict your level of effort to active recovery only.

2. Ride a flat route (yes this sound obvious, but some people overlook this)! If no flat route is available then a session on the rollers or wind trainer would be ok.

3. Ride in the small front chain ring for the entire ride. Spin easy and imagine that your cranks are made of glass that would break if you put too much pressure through them.

4. Check your Power and/or Heart rate during the ride. Do not let it go higher than zone 1 (up to 64% of threshold HR or up to 60% of threshold power).

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