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Back in the saddle


It’s been a year or so since your last ride, a few more years since regular training and it feels like a lifetime since you were at your peak. Your bike kit no longer fits and a few too many extra bulges are visible around the waist line. You finally decide now is the time to get back in the saddle. Is it that simple?

The Hard Road – Part 5 2010:Rock Bottom

The Hard Road Part 5 websites

In Part 5 my season had now become very specific, every race had purpose every session a meaning. My time trialling continues to improve but I would hit rock bottom in my quest to unlock road racing.

The Hard Road Part 2 2007 Reality bites

Copy of The Hard Road Part 2 Reality Bites websites

Follow me (Damo) through 2007 in my 2ND season of racing where I comes to grips with riding off scratch, and having no idea what I am doing or how to fix it. I buy my first power meter and enter a whole new world.

The Hard Road – Part 1 – The Rookie

The Hard Road Part 1 The Rookie website 1

Part 1 – The Rookie – The Hard Road From beginner to Champion – In thinking of stories to write that could inform and inspire riders like myself to succeed, I decided on my 6 year journey from D grade last place to MMAS3 National Champion of Champions.