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When the wheels fall off

When the Wheels fall off Website 630 x 400

As both an athlete and a coach I have faced the inevitable period in a season or during a training block when everything just seems to fall to pieces. The very best laid plan or the big goal you have been working towards for the past 6 months seems like it is suddenly just not going to happen. HOW DO WE GET BACK ON TRACK?

Planning Your Off Season: When To Take A Break


Establishing an off season used to be quite easy when I lived in the UK as the natural seasons of the year could be used to determine the all-important time off and the subsequent start of next seasons training. With so many events and races all over the country and world these days structuring a season’s training can be increasingly difficult.

Training Matthew Keenan for the Jim Fawcett Memorial

Matt Keenan races the Jim Fawcett Memorial Handicap website 1

The classic Australia handicap is the staple diet of most club and state riders around the country, it offers the chance to race the elite and if you get the tactics right pull off a great win and of course huge bragging rights. Most of the analysis pieces I write are often focused on professional cyclists data and the big races around the World. This of course give us an insight into just what it takes to race at the highest level, but, for most of us the huge watts/kg numbers and VAM rates are beyond our comprehension.

Tour of Japan – Hucker racing the feared Keirin School circuit

Robbie Hucker Tour of Japan web

The UCI 2.1 Tour of Japan always attracts a high quality field and this year was no exception. With World Tour and Pro Conti teams it is always a David against Goliath proposition for us at AvantiIsoWhey Sports, but, it is one we relish as was shown in Taiwan the guys in the team are World class and can win even when the operating budget is much smaller than the big budget teams.

Stage 4 Port to Port and the final analysis

Port to Port 2016 Stage 4 Report website 1

What a great 4 days of racing the Port to Port was this year. The race has everything for the MTB rider of all ability levels, some tech sections to keep you on your toes and heaps of great single track to enjoy.

Port to Port 2016 – Stage 3 report

Port to Port 2016 Stage 3 Report Twitter

Racing bikes, especially MTB’s is so up and down, excuse the pun. The beauty of racing on the dirt is that even if you have a mechanical or you are having a bad day, you can still finish with a smile on the dial after shredding sweet singletrack.