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Hamish Gorman

- Associate Coach -

If you’re hurting then its a good time to attack.

Growing up in Kangaroo Valley I’ve developed a love for the outdoors including cycling, mountain biking and trail running. After completing a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of Wollongong I have been working as an Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist specialising in the testing of endurance athletes.

I’ve coached a wide variety of athletes as part of Sydney Cycling Coaching and have come across to FTP Training as an associate coach to continue my coaching education and to collaborate with other coaches for the benefit of his athletes.

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Hamish Gorman Riding

Hamish's Rider Testimonials

Danny Moore

I worked with Hamish for a period of 3 months in preparation for a cycling trip to the Spanish Pyranese.

Dileen De Silva

As I was travelling for work 2-3 days a week, Hamish was able to structure a programme that made the most of time that i was able to actually train to achieve race goals.

Melinda Allen

With Hamish’s Exercise Physiology background and coaching skills, he prepared a responsive program to meet my mountain bike racing goals, balanced against family and work commitments.

Mitchell Reid

I was also 51 years old and 94kg with a pair of worn out knees. Under Hamish, in less than a year I managed to improve my half Ironman from 6 plus hrs to 5:08 and complete the full Ironman in 11:16.


Ollie Radic

I gave Hamish the brief of prepping me for a UCI Worlds GF Qualifying event in Italy which was predominantly a double mountain climb. We had two months training in Aus. prior to flying over then another month acclimatising to the heat prior to the race.

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