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Today's Plan - Community Edition vs Premium

What's the difference?

What does this mean when it gets switched to 'community edition'?

  • The basic community edition of Today’s Plan has very basic functionality and most of the analytics and workout descriptions that you have been used to seeing will disappear.
  • There’s no analytics or power data.
  • You can upload files & upgrade later for all the details.

Benefits of keeping it active (having the subscription):

  • The benefits of remaining on the premium license include the full analytics power of Today’s Plan.
  • Remaining on the FTP Training athletes list and able to jump back on-board and have another program developed by an FTP Training coach in the future.
  • The ability to look back over the history of your data and get a better understanding of what got you into great condition for the race.

How do I keep a 'Preium Analytics' account?

  • Simply purchase a monthly Today’s Plan Subscription using the below red button a monthly Today’s Plan Subscription & we’ll keep it open for you. 
  • Or, get on board our 1:1 training options – where a premium Today’s Plan account is included in your package