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Kate Perry

- Associate Coach -

Do the best you can until you know better; then when you know better, do better

Maya Angelou

As an athlete currently riding in the women’s NRS series, but also having recently completed my Masters in High Performance Sport, I have a deep appreciation for what it takes to be a great athlete. There are so many pieces to the overall puzzle.

After completing my Bachelor of Exercise Science (Hons) and working with the Malaysian Sprint Cycling team in the lead up to the London Olympics, I then went on to complete my Masters in High Performance Sport, which involved working with an elite level Rugby League Team. Applying my educational knowledge to these two vastly different professional environments cemented my passion for working with athletes. I get great pleasure from helping both individuals and teams get the most out of their performances through the employment of sports science and correctly applied training principles. Not only is it about the numbers, but also having a support network to look at the overall picture of performance.

My passion for cycling doesn’t end there; filtering down to the next generation in the sport; as a mentor through various school development programs.

I am fortunate that I am able to apply all of the above to my own training and racing, forever learning and improving with my own cycling goals – practice what you preach.

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