The Hard Road – Part 5 2010:Rock Bottom

The Hard Road Part 5 websites

In Part 5 my season had now become very specific, every race had purpose every session a meaning. My time trialling continues to improve but I would hit rock bottom in my quest to unlock road racing.

The Hard Road Part 2 2007 Reality bites

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Follow me (Damo) through 2007 in my 2ND season of racing where I comes to grips with riding off scratch, and having no idea what I am doing or how to fix it. I buy my first power meter and enter a whole new world.

Training Matthew Keenan for the Jim Fawcett Memorial

Matt Keenan races the Jim Fawcett Memorial Handicap website 1

The classic Australia handicap is the staple diet of most club and state riders around the country, it offers the chance to race the elite and if you get the tactics right pull off a great win and of course huge bragging rights. Most of the analysis pieces I write are often focused on professional cyclists data and the big races around the World. This of course give us an insight into just what it takes to race at the highest level, but, for most of us the huge watts/kg numbers and VAM rates are beyond our comprehension.